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Botswana 2017/18

The Trip that changes my life

If you want to feel the real wildlife you need to travel to Botswana. I had luck to visit a very nice guy in Raja Ampat who invited me to Botswana. After finishing my diploma of photography I traveled to Botswana to go on an epic trip with Chris Boyes. A men who lives more of his whole life out in the nature. He is expedition leader of a big project of National Geographic called Into the Okavango. For nearly 3 months I was joining him on his trips through the wilderness.

Our first trip was going to Moremi National Park. We spent the Christmas days out in the bush with hyenes, buffelos and the sounds of lions. On the morning after Christmas eve we found a group of about 20 lions who killed a buffelo. We were able to watch them having their meal. They didn't mind our presence and we spend time with them nearly a half day. It was so amazing that I couldn't realize that it was real.

After that breath-breaking days we went back to Chris'es home in Maun to prepare for the next trip.

We planned to go to the Okavango Delta to visit a friend of Chris at Lodge for celebrating New Years Eve. After that we went by boat to different islands were we stayed over the nights. We tented on different island to listen to the sounds of hippos and watch the stars at night. In addition we visited one of the last villages in the Okavango Delta. Chris brought them some rice and oil.

We also spent some days at a small research camp of the above mentioned project. It was very funny spending the morning with curious monkeys which woke me up and watched every step I did.

Another place which I want to mention is the Kalahari Desert. We spent about one week in the Kalahari and had an unforgettable time there. From beautiful birds to big lions and a leopard who was standing right in front of me without attacking me I can say this time I will always keep in mind. Not to forget there you can discover infinite open spaces, bizarre landscapes which offers the most beautiful sunsets.

This was only a short summery of my time in Botswana, which inspired me to make my passion to my profession.

After that journey I decided to start my own business as photographer because I realized that I want to capture the greatest things of our planet in pictures and it feels great to share them with other people.

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