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Bali 2017

Beautiful island with some problems!

Bali is a well known Island of Indonesia for surfing, diving and enjoying the nature. First I had diverse opinions about the beauty of Bali. On the one hand I was impressed of the variety of Fauna and Flora but on the other hand I was shocked about the rubbish lying around everywhere. For me it's difficult to understand how people can throw away things which they don't need without thinking about what it means for the environment. The fact is that they even don't know what their acting is causing. The education system on the island is not telling the people that's very important to protect the places where they live. Nobody informs them about the climate change or the pollution of the see. A lot of people are very poor and they only thing what they think about is to take care of their own family.

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

The island offers some tourist attractions which are in my opinion not all worth to see. If you really want to see Bali inform yourself about hidden places which show the beauty of the island without mass of tourists and rubbish lying around everywhere.

If you decide to visit Bali please take all your rubbish with you helping the locals to keep the view parts of the small island in the same way as you wish to find it.

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